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Video to DVD Transfers.

Video to DVD Transfers

Do you have any old family movies that are on reels but you don't want to bother with viewing them as it is too difficult to take out the projector and get everything set up? Or old VHS recordings of family gatherings ?

Let us help you put those family treasures on a DVD where you can easily view and share those memories any time you want.

We can transfer video from film reels, VHS, Hi-8, 8mm, 16mm, slides, even from your digital camcorder, digital camera or cellphone to DVD.
Pricing for DVD transfers start at $ 25.00

DVD Slideshows

Create a DVD slideshow rather than using a photo album or buying a lot of scrap booking supplies. DVD slideshows are wonderful in that the DVD does not take up much room but can hold a lot of images.

Many people create DVD slideshows to show at weddings, birthday parties, anniversary parties or memorial/funeral services. DVD slideshows also make wonderful gifts especially for those friends or relatives that are unable to see you on a regular basis. Grandparents as well as aunts and uncles love DVD slideshows as they enable them to "watch the kids grow" even though they may not be able to see the kids often.

Basic DVD slideshows from digital files cost $ 25.00 for the first disc.
DVD slideshows from photos start at $ 25.00 plus photo scan charges.
Additional copies are only $ 15.00.
If you would like to organize your digital images in a certain order or customize the presentation, we can assist you with that also.

Premium DVD slideshow pricing starts at $35 plus any extra options you may want to add.

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